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battle cry a shout or cry of determination or enthusiasm given by troops in battle. [2 definitions]
battledore an Asian predecessor of badminton, played with a wooden paddle and a shuttlecock. [2 definitions]
battle fatigue severe mental distress or disorder resulting from combat in war; combat fatigue. (See shell shock.)
battlefield the area in which a battle takes place.
battlefront the area where opposing combatants clash.
battleground a battlefield.
battlement (often pl.) a parapet or defensive wall lining the top of a fortification, with indentations at regular intervals.
battle royal a fight in which several or many participate. [3 definitions]
battleship one in a category of large, heavily armored military ships.
battle station the place to which military personnel or craft are to report in case of attack or emergency.
battle wagon (informal) a battleship.
batty (slang) eccentric or crazy.
batwing resembling the wing or wings of a bat.
bauble a showy or gaudy trinket or ornament of little value.
baulk variant of balk.
bauxite the primary ore of aluminum, containing various impurities.
Bavaria a German state on the southeastern border.
Bavarian cream a dessert composed of gelatin, whipped cream, eggs, and fruit flavoring and similar to a soufflé.
bawd a woman in charge of a brothel or whorehouse; madam. [2 definitions]
bawdy coarsely or indecently humorous; risqué. [3 definitions]
bawdyhouse a house of prostitution; brothel.