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beady-eyed having or characterized by eyes that are small and round and seeming to gleam in a way that suggests malevolence, greed, or lust. [2 definitions]
beagle a small, short-legged hound with long ears and a smooth coat, usu. having black, tan, and white markings.
beak the hard structures forming a bird's bill. [3 definitions]
beaker a wide-mouthed drinking cup or container. [3 definitions]
be-all and end-all a thing or person of utmost importance or significance.
beam a long, heavy timber or piece of metal or stone used as a major support in a building. [8 definitions]
beamed ceiling a ceiling that has exposed beams.
beam-ends the ends of the crossbeams of a ship.
beaming glowing with happiness; joyful.
beamy radiating light; shining. [2 definitions]
bean the edible seed or seed pod of several types of leguminous plants. [5 definitions]
beanbag a small cloth bag with dried beans or pellets sealed inside, used as a plaything. [2 definitions]
bean curd a soft, protein-rich food made from puréed soy beans; tofu.
beanery (informal) a cheap restaurant.
beanie a small, colorful skull cap or brimless hat.
beano a game similar to bingo, often using beans as markers.
beanpole a stick or pole used to support bean vines. [2 definitions]
bean sprout a young, tender shoot, as of the soybean or mung bean, used as a garnish, in salads, and the like.
beanstalk the stem of a bean plant.
bear1 to carry. [9 definitions]
bear2 a large, usu. omnivorous, furry mammal with a short tail. [5 definitions]