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biplane an early type of airplane with two sets of wings mounted one above the other.
bipolar having two poles, as a planet. [2 definitions]
biracial composed of or representing two races, such as black and white.
birch a deciduous tree or shrub with close-grained, hard wood and smooth bark that can be peeled off. [5 definitions]
bird a warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate animal with wings and feathers, which usu. has the ability to fly. [5 definitions]
birdbath a basin for wild birds to bathe in, often an ornamental structure manufactured for this purpose.
birdcage a cage for confining or keeping birds.
bird call the cry or song of a bird. [3 definitions]
bird dog a dog or breed of dogs used to hunt or retrieve game birds.
birdhouse a man-made nesting structure for birds, usu. built to look like a house. [2 definitions]
birdie any small bird. [3 definitions]
birding the activity or hobby of observing and identifying birds in the wild; bird-watching.
birdlime a sticky substance, made from plants such as holly or mistletoe, that is smeared on branches and twigs to catch small birds when they alight. [2 definitions]
bird of paradise any of various related birds of New Guinea and nearby regions, of which the male has colorful plumage and long tail feathers. [2 definitions]
bird of passage a bird that migrates. [2 definitions]
bird of prey any bird that feeds on other birds or animals, such as a hawk or vulture.
birdseed seeds, usu. in a mixture, used to feed birds.
bird's-eye as seen from high above; covering a wide span but not detailed or thorough. [4 definitions]
bird shot small shot used to shoot birds.
birds of a feather persons having common interests, values, opinions, or backgrounds.
bird-watching the activity or hobby of observing and identifying birds in the wild: birding.