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blow off steam (informal) to express pent-up anger or frustration in speech or action.
blow one's top (informal) to lose emotional control; become angry.
blowout the sudden bursting of a vessel containing air or liquid under pressure, esp. an automobile tire. [2 definitions]
blow out to stop the burning of something with the movement of air.
blow over to subside; let up.
blowpipe a metal tube through which air or gas is forced in a controlled flow into a flame to concentrate and intensify its heat. [3 definitions]
blowtorch a portable oil-burning or gas-burning device producing an intense, localized flame suitable for melting or cutting metal.
blowup an explosion. [3 definitions]
blow up to destroy or be destroyed through an explosion. [5 definitions]
blowy characterized by blowing; breezy or windy. [2 definitions]
blowzy coarse and ruddy-faced. [2 definitions]
BLT a toasted sandwich made with fried bacon, strips of lettuce, and sliced tomato.
blubber the layer of fat beneath the skin of whales, seals, and other large sea mammals. [5 definitions]
blubbery fat or swollen. [3 definitions]
blucher a low sturdy leather boot. [2 definitions]
bludgeon a short stick with one end thicker and heavier than the other, used as a weapon; club. [3 definitions]
blue the color of a cloudless sky; the color between green and violet on the spectrum. [8 definitions]
blue baby an infant born with blue-tinged skin from insufficient oxygen in the blood, caused by a congenital heart or lung defect.
Bluebeard in folklore, a man who married and then killed six wives.
bluebell any of various plants with blue, bell-shaped flowers.
blueberry a small, round, edible berry that is blue or blue-black in color. [2 definitions]