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bluenose a person with puritanical ways and attitudes; prude.
blue-pencil to edit or strike out with or as with a blue pencil.
blue point a variety of Siamese cat with a pale body and dark bluish gray points.
bluepoint a small oyster found mostly in beds near the eastern tip of Long Island.
blueprint a photographic print of architectural or mechanical drawings, usu. done with white lines on a blue background. [3 definitions]
blue-ribbon representing or being the best of a kind or type.
blue ribbon the emblem awarded as first prize in a contest or competition. [2 definitions]
blue-ribbon jury a jury specially selected for high intelligence, education, or other elite qualities.
blues (used with a pl. verb) a state of melancholy or depression. [2 definitions]
bluestocking a learned woman, esp. an intellectual and literary one.
blue streak (informal) something moving with or as with the speed of lightning. [2 definitions]
bluesy in music, of or resembling the blues.
bluet a blue-flowered plant such as the cornflower.
blue whale the largest whale, as much as one hundred feet long, with a bluish gray back, yellow undersides, and grooves running lengthwise on the throat and abdomen.
bluff1 a hill or shoreline with a steep face. [3 definitions]
bluff2 to mislead someone by using false pretenses. [6 definitions]
bluing a chemical substance, such as indigo, applied to laundry to keep it from yellowing.
blunder a careless or thoughtless mistake. [5 definitions]
blunderbuss an early shoulder-gun having a short barrel, flared at the muzzle to scattershot at close range. [2 definitions]
blunt having a dull edge or point; not sharp. [5 definitions]
blur to cause to run together or become obscure or confused, as by smearing. [7 definitions]