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bodywork the entire external part of a car or motor vehicle. [3 definitions]
Boer a South African of Dutch ancestry. [2 definitions]
boeuf bourguignon see "beef bourguignon."
bog an area of soft, wet earth and decayed vegetation; marsh. [2 definitions]
bogey a variant of bogy. [2 definitions]
bogey man an imaginary, frightening man that supposedly carries away disobedient children; boogeyman.
boggle to overcome with the complexity or difficulty of something. [4 definitions]
bogie1 a system of four wheels mounted on two axles used on the rear of some trucks, tractors, and tanks.
bogie2 a variant of bogy.
Bogotá the capital of Colombia.
bogus not authentic; counterfeit.
bogy an evil or mischievous supernatural being; hobgoblin. [2 definitions]
bogyman variant of bogeyman.
Bohai Sea a gulf on the northeast coast of China that is part of the Yellow Sea.
Bohemia a region in the northwestern Czech Republic that was formerly a separate country. [2 definitions]
Bohemian a native of Bohemia, or a descendant thereof. [6 definitions]
bohío (Spanish) hut, esp. one with a thatched roof.
boil1 of a liquid, to produce bubbles of vapor when heated to a high enough temperature. [8 definitions]
boil2 a swollen, painful sore that is filled with pus and is caused by a bacterial infection.
boil down to lessen something by boiling. [2 definitions]
boil down to of a thing, to have (something) as its central cause, fundamental essence, or core significance. [3 definitions]