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Boise the capital of Idaho.
boisterous loud, unrestrained, and in high spirits; rowdy. [2 definitions]
bok choy a cabbagelike Asian plant, related to mustard, with crisp green leaves on white stalks. [2 definitions]
bola a throwing weapon with heavy balls attached to the ends of a rope, used by South American herdsmen to entangle the legs of cattle and game.
bold brave; daring. [5 definitions]
boldface a typeface with heavy, thick lines, often used for emphasis. [2 definitions]
bold-faced brazen; forward. [2 definitions]
bole the trunk of a tree.
bolero a fitted jacket that ends at or above the waist and is worn open at the front. [2 definitions]
bolide a large, exceptionally bright meteor, esp. one that explodes in the earth's atmosphere.
bolivar the chief monetary unit of Venezuela, equaling one hundred centimos.
Bolivia a South American country south of Brazil and Peru.
boliviano the chief monetary unit of Bolivia, equaling one thousand pesos.
boll a rounded pod or case enclosing the seeds of a plant such as cotton.
bollard any of the thick stout posts on a wharf or pier, to which the mooring lines of vessels are attached. [2 definitions]
bollix (informal) to mismanage or botch (usu. fol. by "up").
bollock a testicle. [2 definitions]
bollocks (chiefly British; vulgar slang) the testicles. [3 definitions]
boll weevil a small, grayish beetle with a long snout, whose larvae hatch in and destroy cotton bolls.
bolo a large machetelike knife used in the Philippines to cut through jungle vegetation.
bologna a large smoked sausage made of several ground meats and various seasonings.