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bound2 to leap; spring. [4 definitions]
bound3 anything that serves as a limit or restriction. [4 definitions]
bound4 on the way to; headed (usu. fol. by "for").
boundary a line, real or imaginary, that indicates the limits of something.
boundaryless combined form of boundary.
bounden required by law or as if by law; obligatory.
bounder an obtrusive, ill-bred, or vulgar person, esp. a man who behaves badly toward women. [2 definitions]
boundless without bounds or limits.
bounteous willing to give generously; benevolent. [2 definitions]
bountiful liberal in giving; generous. [2 definitions]
bounty the quality of giving in abundance; generosity. [3 definitions]
bouquet a decorative bunch of flowers. [2 definitions]
Bourbon a member of an aristocratic French family that produced rulers of France, Spain, and Naples at various times in the sixteenth through twentieth centuries, or the name of this family itself. [2 definitions]
bourbon an aged whiskey made from corn mash.
bourg a medieval town or village, esp. near a castle. [2 definitions]
bourgeois of, related to, or characteristic of the middle class. [6 definitions]
bourgeoisie the middle class. [2 definitions]
bourgeon variant of burgeon.
bourguignon see "beef bourguignon."
bourrée a French dance of the seventeenth century that is similar to the gavotte. [2 definitions]
bourride (French) a stew from the south of France made with fish, vegetables, and white wine, flavored and thickened with mayonnaise containing crushed garlic, and served over bread.