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breach of promise in law, a breaking of a promise, esp. a promise to marry a particular person.
bread a food made primarily with flour or meal and baked, usu. in a loaf shape. [4 definitions]
bread and butter (informal) the chief means of supporting oneself.
bread-and-butter providing the basic financial support. [2 definitions]
breadbasket a basket for holding or serving bread. [2 definitions]
breadboard a board on which baked bread is cut or on which bread dough is kneaded. [2 definitions]
breadbox a kitchen container, usu. made of metal with an attached movable lid, used for storing bread.
breadcrumb a very tiny bit of bread. [2 definitions]
breadfruit a large round edible fruit that has a breadlike texture when baked. [2 definitions]
bread line a line in which people stand to receive food from a charity organization or the government during hard times, or the people in such a line.
breadstick a long, crisp, stick-shaped piece of bread.
breadstuff meal, flour, or grain used for making bread. [2 definitions]
breadth distance from side to side measured perpendicularly to length; width. [3 definitions]
breadthwise in the side-to-side direction.
breadwinner a member of a family or household who earns money to support the other members.
break to cause to separate suddenly or forcefully into pieces. [26 definitions]
breakable combined form of break.
breakage the process or act of breaking. [4 definitions]
breakaway of a theatrical or film prop, designing to break under slight impact, as a balsa-wood chair. [6 definitions]
break dancing a style of dancing involving acrobatic movements, such as spinning headstands, pantomime, and jerky, robotlike movements.
break down to become ineffective or unable to function. [4 definitions]