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breakdown a malfunction, as of a machine. [3 definitions]
breaker1 a person or thing that breaks, breaks into, or interrupts other things. [4 definitions]
breaker2 a small water cask for the lifeboat of a ship.
break even to emerge from a transaction without profits or losses.
break-even of or designating a point at which credits and debits are equal, as in a business that shows neither a profit nor a loss.
breakfast the first meal of the day, usu. eaten in the morning. [2 definitions]
breakfront having a central section that protrudes farther than the sides, as on a bookcase or cabinet. [2 definitions]
break in to enter a home or other property by force, without authorization, and with an illegal purpose. [2 definitions]
break-in an incident in which a home or other property is entered without authorization and for an illegal purpose, especially that of burglary.
breaking and entering the felony of gaining forcible entry to a building belonging to another, with the intent of committing a crime.
breaking point the point at which any material breaks or separates under pressure or tension. [3 definitions]
break in(to) to enter by force without permission.
breakneck dangerously extreme or rapid.
break off to terminate or discontinue (something previously binding). [4 definitions]
breakout a forceful escape from a restricting place or situation, such as prison.
break out to escape from a place where one is incarcerated. [5 definitions]
break the ice to relieve social tensions caused by formality or awkwardness. [2 definitions]
break the law to do something that is not allowed by the law.
breakthrough an act of overcoming or moving through an obstacle or restriction. [2 definitions]
breakup the act or process of breaking up; disintegration; separation. [2 definitions]
break up to break or be broken (into pieces or sections). [6 definitions]