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breathy of a voice, softened or otherwise altered in timbre by more than ordinary expiration of breath. [2 definitions]
breccia rock consisting of sharp-angled fragments of older rocks cemented together in sandstone, clay, or the like.
bred past tense and past participle of breed.
breech the lower posterior region of the human torso; buttocks. [3 definitions]
breechcloth a piece of material worn as covering for the loins; loincloth.
breeches (used with a pl. verb) trousers that reach to the knee; knickers. [2 definitions]
breeches buoy a nautical rescue device consisting of a canvas sling with leg holes that is suspended from a life preserver, used to transfer the rescued person up a rope to a ship.
breeching the part of a draft horse's harness that passes behind its hindquarters.
breechloader a gun that is loaded at the rear of the barrel. (Cf. muzzleloader.)
breed to produce (offspring); give birth to. [9 definitions]
breeder one whose occupation is breeding plants or animals. [3 definitions]
breeder reactor a nuclear reactor that is designed to produce more fissionable material than it consumes, and thus generate additional fuel for its own operation.
breeding the act or process of reproduction; propagation. [3 definitions]
breeze a light or gentle wind. [4 definitions]
breezeless combined form of breeze.
breezeway a passageway with a roof and no sides that connects two buildings.
breezy slightly windy. [2 definitions]
bremsstrahlung electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays, produced by the sudden deceleration or acceleration of an electron caused by its approach to an atomic nucleus.
Bren gun a .303 caliber gas-operated submachine gun used by the British army in World War II.
brethren a plural form of "brother," used to refer to fellow members of a religious or social group, society, or profession, and used esp. when addressing a formal gathering of such members; colleagues. [2 definitions]
Breton a native of Brittany, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]