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brewery a building or plant where beer or ale is brewed.
brewing the occupation, business, or activity of a person who makes beer, ale, or the like. [3 definitions]
briar a pipe made from the brierroot.
briarroot variant of brierroot.
briarwood variant of brierwood.
bribe something, esp. money, that is illicitly promised or given in return for privileges or favors, usu. to someone in a position of public trust. [4 definitions]
bribery the offering or accepting of a bribe.
bric-a-brac small miscellaneous decorative objects of value as antiques or curiosities.
brick a uniform, rectangular block of clay, dried and hardened by sun or in a kiln, used as a building material. [6 definitions]
brick-and-mortar pertaining to a business that operates out of a physical location as opposed to providing online products and services.
brickbat a piece of brick, esp. one used as a projectile or weapon.
brick cheese a brick-shaped semisoft American cheese.
bricklaying the technique or trade of constructing something, such as a building, with bricks.
brick red the color of dried bricks; brownish red.
brickwork something that is made from bricks.
brickyard a place where bricks are manufactured or sold.
bridal of or pertaining to a wedding or bride. [2 definitions]
bridal wreath any of several spirea shrubs that bear sprays of small, white flowers in the spring.
bride1 a woman who is newly married or is about to be married.
bride2 a loop or tie of thread that joins decorative patterns in embroidery or needlework.
bridegroom a man who is newly married or is about to be married.