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briefcase a small rectangular case for carrying documents or books.
briefly in a way that is not lengthy; for a short time.
brier1 any of several thorny plants or shrubs, esp. the sweetbrier or greenbrier. [2 definitions]
brier2 a white heath of southern Europe, the woody root of which is used in making tobacco pipes.
brierroot the woody root of the brier or other woods used to make tobacco pipes. [2 definitions]
brierwood the wood of the root of the brier; brierroot.
brig a two-masted sailing vessel with square-rigged sails. [2 definitions]
brigade a military unit comprising several squadrons or battalions. [3 definitions]
brigadier (informal) in the U.S. military, a brigadier general. [2 definitions]
brigadier general a U.S. military officer ranking above a colonel and below a major general.
brigand an outlaw or bandit, esp. a member of a gang of robbers.
brigantine a two-masted sailing vessel with square-rigged sails on the front mast and a fore-and-aft mainsail.
bright filled with, reflecting, or emitting much light; shining. [7 definitions]
brighten to become or make luminous, bright, or brighter. [2 definitions]
brightness the quality, state, or condition of being bright. [2 definitions]
brights the lights on the front of your car when you use your high beams.
Bright's disease chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the kidneys.
brilliance extreme brightness or luster. [2 definitions]
brilliancy brilliance. [2 definitions]
brilliant extremely shiny or bright; glittering. [5 definitions]
brilliantine a perfumed hairdressing used to make hair glossy and manageable.