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butch (slang) of a female, having the appearance or behavior usu. associated with masculine gender. [2 definitions]
butcher someone in the business of selling meat. [6 definitions]
butcherbird any of several carnivorous birds such as the shrikes that impale their prey on thorns.
butchery brutal and senseless killing; slaughter. [3 definitions]
but for except for.
butler a man employed in a household as head servant.
butler's pantry a serving area between a dining room and a kitchen, for use by a butler or maid.
butlery the butler's pantry; buttery.
butt1 the larger or sturdier end of something. [3 definitions]
butt2 a person, group, or thing that is the target of ridicule or criticism. [5 definitions]
butt3 to hit or push with the head or horns. [3 definitions]
butt4 a unit of capacity equal to 126 gallons or about 477 liters, used for measuring beer or wine, or a barrel or cask with this capacity.
butte a steep hill or mountain, usu. with a flat top, that stands alone on flat land. (See mesa.)
butter a solid fat made by churning cream, used for cooking and spreading on bread. [3 definitions]
butter bean a variety of lima bean.
buttercup any of a number of related plants, many of which have shiny yellow flowers.
butterfat the fat of milk, from which butter is made.
butterfingers (used with a sing. verb) someone who frequently drops things.
butterfish a flat-bodied fish caught for food along the North American Atlantic coast.
butterfly any of a large group of insects closely related to the moths, with large, often brightly colored wings. [5 definitions]
butterfly stroke a vigorous swimming stroke performed face down in which the arms are lifted simultaneously forward and brought back through the water while the legs move simultaneously up and down.