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buttress a structure that gives support to the outside of a building by absorbing excessive outward thrust. [4 definitions]
butut the smaller monetary unit of Gambia. (Cf. dalasi.)
butyl any of four hydrocarbon radicals having three carbon molecules and a valence of one.
butyl alcohol any of four isomeric alcohols with three carbon molecules, obtained from petroleum products and used in organic synthesis or as solvents.
butyric acid an organic acid found in animal milk fats, esp. rancid butter, and used to produce certain fragrances, disinfectants, flavors, and pharmaceuticals.
buxom of a woman, having a large bosom. [2 definitions]
buy to obtain in exchange for money; purchase. [7 definitions]
buyer one who buys. [2 definitions]
buyer's market a market or economy in which prices are relatively low because of an abundance of goods or services. (Cf. seller's market.)
buy it (slang) to die.
buy off to give money in exchange for cooperation, silence, or noninterference; bribe.
buyout the buying of an entire business, as by managers, employees, or outside parties, usu. heavily financed by borrowing.
buy out to buy (someone's business). [2 definitions]
buy up to buy all or most of the supply of (something).
buzz a vibrating hum or murmur. [9 definitions]
buzzard any of several American vultures. [2 definitions]
buzz bomb (informal) see "robot bomb."
buzzer any of numerous mechanical or electrical devices that signal by buzzing.
buzz saw a power-operated circular saw.
buzzword a fashionable, short-lived word or phrase that originates either in media use or in a specialized group, and that is intended to impress or exclude the hearer, because of its apparent profundity or significance.
bwana in parts of Africa, a term of respect formerly used by natives when addressing Europeans.