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cacophony a mixture of discordant and usually unpleasant sounds. [2 definitions]
cactus a leafless, fleshy-stemmed, often prickly plant that grows in hot, dry regions of America.
CAD acronym of "computer-aided design."
cad a person who behaves crudely or dishonorably.
cadaver a dead body, esp. one used for medical research or instruction.
cadaverous of or resembling a corpse; pale and thin or emaciated. [2 definitions]
caddie a person who carries the clubs of a golfer during a round and assists the golfer in other ways. [2 definitions]
caddis fly a small mothlike insect found near lakes and streams that has two pairs of membranous wings.
caddish of or similar to a cad; ungentlemanly; despicable.
caddisworm the wormlike larva of a caddisfly that lives in fresh water in an elongated case made of sand, plant debris, and the silk secreted by the larva after hatching.
caddy1 a small box or similar container, as for tea or pencils.
caddy2 variant of caddie. [2 definitions]
-cade a procession.
cadence a rhythmic pattern of movement, as in music or poetry. [3 definitions]
cadenza in music, an elaborate section near the end of a composition, usu. allowing a soloist to display virtuosity.
cadet a student in a military academy; person training to be a military officer.
cadge to obtain by begging or otherwise imposing on others. [2 definitions]
cadi a Muslim judge whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law.
Cadmean victory a battle won, but at enormous cost to the victor.
cadmium a chemical element that has forty-eight protons in each nucleus and occurs in various compounds or in pure form as a soft bluish white metal. (symbol: Cd)
cadre in the military, a core group of experienced personnel who can set up and train a new unit. [2 definitions]