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calamitous causing or involving great loss and misery; disastrous.
calamity an event causing extreme harm, suffering, or destruction; disaster. [2 definitions]
calamondin a small citrus tree that grows in the Philippines. [2 definitions]
calamus a wild iris known as the sweet flag, or its aromatic root. [3 definitions]
calash a carriage with two low wheels, a seat for two people under a top that folds down, and a front seat for a driver. [2 definitions]
calcaneus the large tarsal bone that forms the human heel. [2 definitions]
calcareous of, containing, or resembling calcium carbonate; chalky.
calces a plural form of calx.
calci- calcium.
calciferol a form of vitamin D.
calciferous in chemistry, composed of, containing, or forming calcium, esp. calcium carbonate.
calcification the process of becoming calcified. [3 definitions]
calcify in physiology, to make or become bony or hard by the deposit of calcium salts. [2 definitions]
calcimine a white or light-colored wash containing zinc oxide, used to cover walls and ceilings. [2 definitions]
calcine to heat or become heated so as to oxidize, remove moisture, or reduce to a loose, ashy state, but not so as to melt; reduce to calx.
calcite a common, soft mineral that occurs in chalk, marble, and limestone and is composed of calcium carbonate.
calcitonin a polypeptide hormone secreted by the thyroid that lowers blood calcium.
calcium a chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has twenty protons in each nucleus and occurs widely in nature, but only in compounds such as calcite or limestone. (symbol: Ca) [2 definitions]
calcium carbide a dark gray crystalline compound used as a dehydrating agent and a source of acetylene gas and calcium cyanimide.
calcium carbonate a white crystalline compound found in chalk, limestone, marble, shells, and plant ash that is used in the manufacture of cement, paints, plastics, and polishing agents such as toothpaste.
calcium chloride a white crystalline compound, derived from calcium carbonate, that is used as a dehydrating agent, de-icer, and dust suppressant.