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callisthenics variant of calisthenics.
Callisto in Greek and Roman mythology, a nymph who was punished by Hera for a love affair with Zeus by being transformed into a bear. [2 definitions]
call it a day to end the day's work.
call it quits to stop an activity for the time being. [2 definitions]
call letters the identifying letters or numbers of a television or radio station.
call loan a loan that must be repaid on demand at any time.
call number a series of numbers or numbers and letters used to locate a book in a library.
call off to cancel (an appointment, action, event, or the like).
call on to put out an official demand to (a person, agency, institution, or the like). [4 definitions]
callosity a hardened or thickened part, as on a plant or on the skin; callus. [2 definitions]
callous insensitive; unfeeling; hardhearted. [4 definitions]
call out to summon (someone or something) for help in an emergency. [3 definitions]
callow lacking adult sophistication or judgment; inexperienced; immature.
call-up an order to a large number of people to report for active military duty.
call up (informal) to telephone (someone); make a call to. [2 definitions]
callus a thickened, toughened area of skin or other tissue, such as bone or bark. [3 definitions]
calm without or almost without motion; still; unmoving. [6 definitions]
calm down to become calm; to stop being angry, tense, nervous, or agitated. [3 definitions]
calming causing one to feel calm; causing one to feel less nervous, tense, or upset.
calomel a white tasteless powder containing mercury, used as a laxative, fungicide, or purgative; mercurous chloride.
caloric of or pertaining to calories, as in food. [2 definitions]