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canapé a cracker or small piece of bread or toast spread with cheese, meat, or other appealing food and served as an appetizer.
canard a deliberately false story or rumor, usu. defamatory to someone.
canary a small greenish to yellow finch native to the Canary Islands, often kept as a singing cage bird. [3 definitions]
Canary Islands a group of islands off the northwest coast of Africa that comprises two Spanish provinces; Canaries.
canary yellow see "canary."
canasta a card game for two to six players, similar to rummy and using two decks of cards.
Canberra the capital of Australia.
cancan a vigorous stage dance including high kicking, performed by women in long skirts and petticoats.
cancel to do away with, nullify, or eliminate, as an appointment or reservation. [5 definitions]
cancelable combined form of cancel.
cancellation the act of omission, deletion, or invalidation. [3 definitions]
cancer any of various diseases characterized by malignant tumors or other tissue degeneration that can spread locally or through the lymph or blood systems. [5 definitions]
cancerous pertaining to or affected with the disease of cancer. [2 definitions]
Cancún a popular Mexican resort town, part of which is island, located on the northeastern, Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula.
candela the basic unit of intensity of light, equal to one sixtieth of the intensity of one square centimeter of a radiating body at the temperature of solidification of platinum; new candle.
candelabrum a large decorative candle holder with branches for several candles.
candescent giving off white light; glowing hotly. (Cf. incandescent.)
candid without deception or concealment; honest; forthright. [4 definitions]
candida any fungus of the genus Candida that commonly causes infections, esp. of the mouth and vagina.
candidacy the condition of being considered or nominated, or striving to be so, for a particular position, office, prize, or honor.
candidate a person, esp. a politician, who seeks to be elected or appointed to a certain position. [2 definitions]