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carmaker an automobile manufacturing company.
carman one who works on a streetcar; motorman or conductor.
Carmelite a monk or friar of the religious order founded at Mt. Carmel in the twelfth century. [2 definitions]
carminative a substance that induces expulsion of gas from the stomach and intestines. [2 definitions]
carmine a reddish purple pigment made from cochineal. [2 definitions]
carnage the mass killing of people; slaughter.
carnal of or pertaining to the flesh or body, esp. sexual appetites and activities. [2 definitions]
carnation any of various flowers related to the pink, with fragrant, fringed flowers of various colors, esp. red, white, and pink.
carnauba see "wax palm." [2 definitions]
carnelian a hard red or reddish brown semiprecious gemstone.
carnitine a compound, particularly concentrated in muscle, required for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria.
carnival a traveling commercial amusement show, usu. offering rides, games of chance, and sideshows. [2 definitions]
carnivore a flesh-eating animal, esp. a meat-eating mammal. (Cf. herbivore.) [2 definitions]
carnivorous flesh-eating. (Cf. herbivorous.) [2 definitions]
carny (informal) an employee of a traveling carnival.
carob a tree of the eastern Mediterranean that bears long flat pods containing a sweet pulp and hard seeds. [2 definitions]
carol a song of joy, esp. a Christmas hymn. [4 definitions]
Carolina (pl.) the U.S. states of North and South Carolina (prec. by "the").
Carolus Linnaeus a Swedish botanist (b.1707--d.1778).
carom in pool or billiards, a shot in which the player's ball strikes two other balls in succession. [4 definitions]
carotene a reddish orange hydrocarbon pigment produced in orange, yellow, and dark green plant parts, and required in human nutrition as a source of vitamin A.