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caste system a social structure in which one's class in society is determined by heredity.
castigate to punish or rebuke, as with severe public criticism; chastise.
castigation the act of rebuking, severely criticizing, or punishing, especially in a public forum.
Castile a former kingdom that in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries occupied most of modern Spain. [2 definitions]
Castile soap a fine white hard unscented soap made of olive oil and sodium hydroxide.
Castilian the dialect of Castile, now the standard form of Spanish in Spain. [4 definitions]
casting the act or process of forming a cast or mold. [4 definitions]
casting vote the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to break a tie, as in a legislative body.
cast iron an alloy of iron, carbon, silicon, and other elements that ranges from hard and brittle to soft and strong depending on its composition.
cast-iron made of cast iron. [2 definitions]
castle a large, fortified residence of nobles in feudal times, sited to dominate the surrounding countryside. [6 definitions]
castle in the air a fanciful wish or scheme; daydream; pipe dream.
castoff discarded or rejected. [2 definitions]
Castor a white triple star, each component of which is a double star, in the constellation Gemini, having a combined magnitude of 2.5.
castor1 an oily, brown, odorous secretion of the groin glands of the beaver, used in medicines and perfumes. [2 definitions]
castor2 a revolving stand for condiment or spice containers, or the containers themselves; caster.
Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, the twin brothers of Helen, one mortal and the other immortal.
castor oil a colorless or yellowish oil derived from castor beans and used as a lubricant and cathartic.
castor-oil plant a large tropical plant, native to Africa and Asia, from whose seeds castor oil is extracted.
cast pearls before swine to offer or provide something of value to persons who cannot understand or appreciate it.
castrate to remove the sexual organs of, esp. the testicles; geld. [2 definitions]