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catbird a dark gray North American songbird having one call that sounds like the mewing of a cat.
catbird seat any situation or position that gives one control or the power to gain one's ends.
catboat a broad-beamed sailboat with a single large sail on a mast set well forward.
cat burglar a burglar who gains entry through upper windows, roof doors, and the like; second-story man.
catcall a human cry or whistle expressing contempt or disapproval; jeer. [2 definitions]
catch to capture or grab, usu. after pursuit. [18 definitions]
Catch-22 a situation in which one is trapped between two logically contradictory rules or regulations that make successful action impossible.
catchable combined form of catch.
catchall a receptacle for various items. [2 definitions]
catch-and-release in fishing, a policy of conservation that requires fish to be released back into the wild after being caught.
catch basin a receptacle at the entry to a sewer designed to trap any matter that might block drainage.
catch cold to become ill with a cold.
catcher one that catches. [2 definitions]
catch fire to start to burn.
catchfly any of various plants that secrete a sticky fluid to catch small insects.
catching tending to infect or be taken up by another. [2 definitions]
catchment the collecting of water, esp. rainwater, in a reservoir or drainage area. [2 definitions]
catch on to grasp the meaning of something (often fol by "to"). [3 definitions]
catch on fire (informal) to start to burn; catch fire.
catchpenny made cheaply for quick sale. [2 definitions]
catch phrase a phrase that gains wide public currency, esp. by being frequently repeated.