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ceanothus any tree or shrub of the genus Ceanothus, having clusters of blue or white flowers.
cease to stop or come to an end. [3 definitions]
cease-fire a temporary suspension of hostilities; truce. [2 definitions]
ceaseless continuous and unending.
cecropia moth (sometimes cap.) a very large North American moth that has wide brown wings with crescent-shaped red and black markings.
cecum a cavity opening at only one end, esp. the pouch at the head of the large intestine.
cedar any of several cone-bearing evergreen trees of the pine family with aromatic, durable wood. [3 definitions]
cedar waxwing a brownish North American bird that has a crested head and red wing tips.
cede to give up or surrender, esp. formally.
cedi the chief monetary unit of Ghana, equaling one hundred pesewa.
cedilla a diacritical mark (), placed under certain letters in French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian to indicate a particular pronunciation, as, in French, the sound of "s" for the letter "c".
ceil to furnish with a ceiling. [2 definitions]
ceiling the top interior surface of a room. [3 definitions]
celandine a plant of the poppy family that has deeply divided leaves, yellow flowers, and a yellow-orange fluid in its stem. [2 definitions]
Celebes an Indonesian island east of Borneo; Sulawesi.
celebrant one who officiates at a religious ceremony, as a priest at communion. [3 definitions]
celebrate to observe or commemorate (an occasion or event), as with gifts, festivities, or special rituals. [4 definitions]
celebrated famous, usu. for some achievement or talent.
celebration the act of celebrating. [2 definitions]
celebrity one who is famous. [2 definitions]
celerity speed in human action or motion; alacrity.