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champ1 to bite down on impatiently; grind against with the teeth. [4 definitions]
champ2 (informal) a champion.
champagne a sparkling white wine produced in the Champagne region of France. [2 definitions]
champaign level, open land; a plain. [2 definitions]
champ at the bit to show impatience.
champignon any of various edible mushrooms.
champion one that has taken first place in a competition; winner. [5 definitions]
championship (sometimes pl.) one or more competitions held to determine the champion. [3 definitions]
chance the quality of happening unexpectedly and randomly, without intention or design. [7 definitions]
chance it (informal) to take the risk of some bad thing happening.
chancel the area near a church's altar where the clergy and choir are seated.
chancellery the office or position of chancellor. [3 definitions]
chancellor the head of state in Austria or the Federal Republic of Germany. [4 definitions]
chance-medley a sudden violent quarrel resulting in spontaneous homicide.
chancery in law, a court having jurisdiction over matters not covered by common law; court of equity. [4 definitions]
chancla (Spanish) a type of sandal; flip-flop.
chancre a hard ulcer or sore, esp. the first obvious lesion of syphilis.
chancroid an infectious, nonsyphilitic bacterial ulcer, usu. on or near the genitals; soft chancre.
chancy uncertain in outcome; risky.
chandelier a light fixture, often decorative, suspended from a ceiling and bearing multiple lights.
chandler a person who produces or sells candles. [2 definitions]