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chansonnier a French singer and writer, often of satirical or topical songs.
chant a song, esp. one which is sung on the same note or few notes throughout. [7 definitions]
chanterelle a large edible yellow mushroom with a fruity odor.
chanteuse a female singer, esp. a cabaret entertainer.
chantey a sailor's song, esp. one sung to the rhythm of the work.
chanticleer a rooster.
Chanukah Hanukkah.
chaos a state, condition, or place of complete disorder and confusion. [2 definitions]
chaotic completely disordered or disorganized; in a state of utter confusion.
chap1 to crack or redden (the skin). [3 definitions]
chap2 (informal) a man or boy; fellow.
chaparejos seatless leather trousers worn by cowboys over their regular pants, for extra protection; chaps.
chaparral a low, dense growth of shrubby oaks and brush, esp. in the American Southwest.
chapati in Indian cookery, a thin flat usu. whole-wheat bread baked on a griddle.
chapbook a small book or pamphlet containing a ballad, poem, popular tale, or religious tract.
chapeau a hat.
chapel a place of worship, usu. a small building or a room in a larger building, for a small number of worshipers or for private use. [3 definitions]
chaperone a person, usu. older, who accompanies unmarried young people on social occasions to assure that no improper, unlawful, or unsafe behavior occurs. [2 definitions]
chapfallen depressed or discouraged.
chaplain a member of the clergy attached to a school, military unit, hospital, or other institution.
chaplet a garland or wreath worn on the head. [2 definitions]