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cherishable combined form of cherish.
Cherokee a member of a North American Indian tribe that formerly lived in the southeastern United States, and now is mostly in Oklahoma and North Carolina. [2 definitions]
Cherokee rose a climbing, thornless rose that bears large white fragrant flowers.
cheroot an untapered cigar made with both ends open.
cherries jubilee a dessert made of vanilla ice cream topped with a sauce of black cherries and served flambé with brandy or kirsch.
cherry the edible fruit of the cherry tree, having a small, hard stone enclosed by yellow, red, or dark purple flesh. [5 definitions]
cherry bomb a round, red, very explosive firecracker.
cherrystone the edible quahog clam when it is partly grown and still fairly small.
cherry tomato a red or yellow tomato about the size of a cherry, often used in salads.
chert a hard compact rock, esp. of quartz, found in limestone.
cherub a heavenly being, esp. one of the second order of angels, usu. represented as a winged child with a chubby face and rosy cheeks. [2 definitions]
chervil a plant of the parsley family having aromatic leaves and used as a seasoning or as a salad herb. [2 definitions]
Cheshire cat in the nineteenth-century children's novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, a grinning cat that magically disappears, his grin being the last to fade away.
Cheshvan variant of Heshvan.
chess1 a game of strategy for two people in which each player starts with a king and queen, two each of bishops, knights, and rooks, and eight pawns and in which the object is to trap the opponent's king.
chess2 any of a variety of weedy grasses, esp. cheat.
chess3 a floor board of a pontoon bridge.
chessboard a checkerboard used for playing chess.
chessman any one of the pieces used in playing chess.
chess pie a custardlike dessert baked in a pastry shell.
chest the upper front section of the human body between the neck and the abdomen. [4 definitions]