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Chianti a dry Italian table wine, usu. red.
chiao see "jiao."
chiaroscuro the arrangement of contrasting light and shade in pictorial representation.
chic elegant or fashionable; stylish. [2 definitions]
Chicago a major U.S. city in Illinois near the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
Chicana a woman or girl of Mexican descent who lives in or is a citizen of the United States.
chicane trickery or deception; chicanery. [4 definitions]
chicanery deception by clever or cunning means. [2 definitions]
Chicano an American citizen or resident of Mexican descent.
chicha a beer of Central and South America made from fermented corn or fruit.
chichi ostentatiously showy or fashionable.
chick a newly hatched or immature bird or fowl, esp. a chicken. [3 definitions]
chickadee a small North American bird with a gray body and black head and throat.
chickaree see "red squirrel."
Chickasaw a member of a tribe of North American Indians originally of Mississippi, now in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
chicken the common farm fowl, kept for its meat and eggs. [4 definitions]
chicken-fried dipped in batter or coated with flour and seasonings and fried.
chicken hawk any of various hawks that prey or are thought to prey on barnyard fowl, esp. chickens.
chicken-hearted (informal) cowardly; timid.
chicken-livered (informal) cowardly; timid.
chicken out (informal) to refrain from doing an intended thing because of fear; to lose one's courage to do something.