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chondrosarcoma a sarcoma derived from cartilage cells.
chondrule a small round grain found in chondritic meteorites.
choose to select from two or more alternatives. [4 definitions]
choose up (informal) to select players for each side or team, as in a sandlot baseball game.
choosy difficult to please; careful or cautious in choosing; very selective.
chop1 to cut by hitting repeatedly, esp. with an ax or other similar sharp tool (often fol. by "down" or "off"). [8 definitions]
chop2 to suddenly shift direction; swerve, esp. with the wind.
chop3 (usu. pl.) the jaws, cheeks, or mouth.
chopfallen variant of chapfallen.
chophouse a restaurant that mainly serves chops and steaks.
choplogic specious or hairsplitting reasoning; sophistry.
chop off to cut something with one strong, quick motion so that one part separates from the main part.
chopper a person or thing that chops. [3 definitions]
chopping block a wooden block, section of log, or the like on which firewood is set to be split, or on which the heads and feet of fowls are chopped off. [2 definitions]
choppy of a body of water, full of short, rough waves. [3 definitions]
chops (slang) in jazz or rock music, technical skill.
chop shop (informal) a garage or similar place in which stolen automobiles are dismantled and the parts sold or used as spare parts.
chopstick one of a pair of thin wooden, ivory, or plastic sticks used as eating utensils, esp. in East Asian countries.
chop suey a Chinese-American dish of bean sprouts, other vegetables, and small bits of meat, chicken, or fish cooked and poured over rice.
choral having to do with a chorus or choir. [3 definitions]
chorale a hymn, esp. one arranged to be sung or played in parts. [2 definitions]