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chrysoprase a greenish form of chalcedony, sometimes used as a semiprecious stone.
chrysotile a fibrous variety of serpentine, from which commercial asbestos is obtained.
chthonic of, pertaining, or characteristic of the underworld.
chub any of various thick-bodied freshwater fish common to Europe. [3 definitions]
chubby plump and round.
chuck1 to playfully or affectionately touch or pat, esp. under the chin. [6 definitions]
chuck2 a cut or section of beef taken from the area between the neck and shoulder blades. [2 definitions]
chuck3 to cluck. [2 definitions]
chuck-a-luck a gambling game in which players bet on the possible values of three rolled dice.
chuck-full full to the limit; chock-full.
chuckhole a hole or rut in a road surface; pothole.
chuckle to laugh softly or in a half-suppressed manner. [3 definitions]
chuck wagon in the western United States, a wagon or van used to carry food and utensils for feeding outdoor workers such as cowboys.
chuckwalla a large lizard, related to the iguana, that lives in the deserts of Mexico and the southwestern United States.
chuff a chugging or puffing sound, as of a steam engine. [2 definitions]
chug a short, repetitive, explosive sound, esp. that made by a slow-moving locomotive. [3 definitions]
chukar a partridge native to Asia and Europe, with red beak and feet and chestnut upper plumage, that has been introduced into the western United States as a game bird.
chukka a suede boot of ankle height, having two pairs of eyelets for the laces.
chukker in polo, a period of play lasting seven and one-half minutes.
chum1 (informal) a close or intimate friend; pal. [2 definitions]
chum2 chopped or ground bait dumped or scattered into water to attract fish. [3 definitions]