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churn an apparatus in which cream or milk is beaten or agitated to form butter. [6 definitions]
churn out to produce or manufacture rapidly or in large quantity.
churr to make a trilling or whirring sound. [2 definitions]
chute1 a sloped trough or channel down which things may slide in order to transport them. [4 definitions]
chute2 a steep or narrow slope, as for skiing or tobogganing.
chute3 (informal) a parachute. [3 definitions]
chutney a spicy sauce or relish of East Indian origin made with fruits and herbs.
chutzpah sheer audacity or gutsiness; utter nerve.
chyle a light-colored fluid containing emulsified fat that is formed from chyme in the small intestine and that is absorbed by the lacteals and passed into the bloodstream.
chyme the semifluid thick mass that is the product of the partial digestion of food in the stomach and that passes into the small intestine.
CIA abbreviation of "Central Intelligence Agency," a U.S. agency of the federal government that oversees intelligence operations outside of the country.
ciao (Italian) used as an expression of greeting or farewell.
ciborium the permanent canopy above an altar. [2 definitions]
cicada any of various large insects characterized by thin membranous wings and a shrill noise emitted by the male.
cicatrix tissue that forms over a fresh wound and eventually contracts into a scar; scar tissue. [2 definitions]
cicatrize to cause to heal by forming a cicatrix or scar. [2 definitions]
cicerone a guide who shows and explains a place's history, features, or the like.
cichlid any of a large family (Cichlidae) of mostly freshwater tropical fish, some of which are commonly found in aquariums.
Cichlidae a large and diverse family of mostly freshwater tropical fish.
-cide killer. [2 definitions]
cider the juice pressed out of apples, used for drinking and for making vinegar.