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close to stop up; shut. [24 definitions]
closeable combined form of close.
close call (informal) a narrow escape from danger, failure, detection, or the like.
closed not open; shut. [6 definitions]
closed-captioned of a television program, having captions that can be seen only on a special receiver, usu. intended for those with hearing impairment.
closed chain a group of chemically linked atoms that can be represented in models and formulas as a ring or circle.
closed circuit a transmission circuit for television with a limited number of reception stations connected to it by cable. [2 definitions]
closed-end investment company an investment company that issues a fixed number of shares in large blocks, at infrequent intervals, which are traded on an exchange.
closed primary election in the United States, a direct primary election in which voters must show evidence of their party affiliation and may vote only for candidates of the same party.
closed season any period during which it is illegal to fish for, capture, or hunt certain animal or fish species.
closed sentence in mathematics education, a simple mathematical equation or inequality in which all quantities are shown, such as 2 + 3 = 5.
closed shop a factory or business that agrees, through a contract with a labor union, to employ only members of that union. [2 definitions]
close-fisted not generous, esp. with money; stingy; miserly.
close-fitting of a garment, adhering closely to the contours of the body.
close-grained of wood or the like, having a smooth hard texture.
close-hauled with the sails trimmed very flat for sailing as close as possible to the wind.
close in on to approach or surround, as to entrap or capture.
close-knit closely joined or organized; bonded tightly.
closely carefully and with attention. [3 definitions]
close-mouthed saying little; not talkative; reticent.
closeout a sale of goods at low prices because the store is closing or because the line of goods will be discontinued.