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coat of arms the insignia, esp. of a family, showing emblems and figures arranged on and around a shield.
coat of mail a protective garment made of interlinked rings or overlapping plates of metal, worn in the Middle Ages.
coatrack a rack or stand fitted with pegs or hooks used for the storage of garments, esp. coats and hats.
coattail the loose back part of a coat below the waist, esp. either half of this part when divided by a vent, as in a cutaway.
coauthor one of two or more authors of a single written work. [2 definitions]
coauthorship combined form of authorship.
coax to persuade or try to do so by gradual, gentle means such as flattery, pleading, or promises. [3 definitions]
coaxial placed on or having a common axis.
coaxial cable a high-frequency electronic transmission cable that has two layers of conductive material, one inside the other and separated by insulation.
cob the hard center of an ear of corn; corncob. [3 definitions]
cobalamin vitamin B-12.
cobalt a chemical element that has twenty-seven protons in each nucleus and occurs as a brittle silver-white solid metal, used in a variety of alloys to increase hardness. (symbol: Co)
cobalt blue a deep blue pigment made from cobalt oxide. [2 definitions]
cobble1 a cobblestone. [3 definitions]
cobble2 to make or repair (shoes or boots). [2 definitions]
cobbler a person who makes or repairs shoes or boots. [3 definitions]
cobblestone a naturally rounded stone, about the size of a fist, formerly used in paving streets or the like.
cob coal large rounded lumps of coal that resemble cobblestones.
cobelligerent a nation not formally allied but cooperating with one or more nations waging war.
cobia a large tropical game fish with a prominent black stripe on either side.
COBOL a computer language using English syntax and a large vocabulary of English words (acronym for "common business-oriented language").