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cobalt blue a deep blue pigment made from cobalt oxide. [2 definitions]
cobble1 a cobblestone. [3 definitions]
cobble2 to make or repair (shoes or boots). [2 definitions]
cobbler a person who makes or repairs shoes or boots. [3 definitions]
cobblestone a naturally rounded stone, about the size of a fist, formerly used in paving streets or the like.
cob coal large rounded lumps of coal that resemble cobblestones.
cobelligerent a nation not formally allied but cooperating with one or more nations waging war.
cobia a large tropical game fish with a prominent black stripe on either side.
COBOL a computer language using English syntax and a large vocabulary of English words (acronym for "common business-oriented language").
cobra any of several venomous snakes of Asia and Africa that rear up and flatten the skin of the neck when threatened. [2 definitions]
cobweb a web spun by a spider, or a single strand of this web. [5 definitions]
coca either of two shrubs native to the Andes, the dried leaves of which are the source of cocaine and other alkaloids. [2 definitions]
cocaine a substance extracted from coca leaves and used as a surface anesthetic or, often illegally, as a stimulating drug.
cocaptain combined form of captain.
cocatalyst combined form of catalyst.
-coccal of, concerning, or caused by a (specified) coccus.
-coccus a round or berry-shaped microorganism.
coccus a sphere-shaped bacterium.
coccyx the small triangular bone at the lower end of the spinal column, consisting of several fused vertebrae.
cochair combined form of chair.
cochairman combined form of chairman.