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cockleshell the ribbed shell of a cockle or related mollusk.
cockles of one's heart one's most sincere and deeply held feelings.
cockney (often cap.) someone who was raised in London's East End. [3 definitions]
cockneyism an idiom, expression, pronunciation, or quality that is characteristic of cockneys.
cock of the walk one who dominates a group, esp. in an arrogant or overbearing manner.
cockpit an enclosed area from which the pilot and crew control an airplane. [3 definitions]
cockroach any of a large group of flat-bodied, nocturnal insects related to the grasshopper, some of which infest homes and other buildings.
cockscomb any of several common garden plants with brightly colored spiky flowers. [3 definitions]
cocksucker (vulgar slang) a low, contemptible person. [2 definitions]
cocksure absolutely sure; having perfect confidence. [2 definitions]
cockswain variant of coxswain.
cocktail1 an alcoholic beverage mixed from one or more liquors and juice, soda, or the like, often served cold. [4 definitions]
cocktail2 a horse whose tail has been clipped short. [2 definitions]
cocktail lounge a room or seating area, usu. in a hotel or restaurant, in which alcoholic drinks are served.
cocktail table a low table, usu. placed in living rooms within easy reach of surrounding seats, on which drinks and refreshments can be set; coffee table.
cocky arrogantly self-confident.
coco the coconut tree. [2 definitions]
cocoa a powder made by roasting and grinding the seeds of the cacao tree and removing most of their fatty oil. [3 definitions]
cocoa butter a yellowish white fat derived from cacao seeds that is used in cosmetics, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and confections.
cocomposer combined form of composer.
coconspirator combined form of conspirator.