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cold-shoulder to treat (someone) with indifference.
cold snap a brief period of very cold weather.
cold sore a viral infection characterized by small blisters, usu. on the lips, that erupt during colds or fevers; herpes simplex. [2 definitions]
cold storage storage in a temperature-controlled, usu. refrigerated container or room, as for furs or perishable foods or drugs.
cold sweat perspiration accompanied by a chilly feeling, induced by fear, shock, anxiety, or the like.
cold tablet a non-prescription tablet usually containing an antihistamine and fever-reducing drug, taken to relieve the symptoms of a cold.
cold turkey (informal) abrupt and total withdrawal from using an addictive substance such as a drug or tobacco. [3 definitions]
cold war intense political or ideological hostility between nations, resulting in high tension between them, but not in outright war. [2 definitions]
cold wave a period of abnormally cold weather. [2 definitions]
cole any of various plants related to cabbage, esp. rape.
coleader combined form of leader.
coleopteran of or concerning beetles or weevils. [2 definitions]
coleslaw a salad made of shredded cabbage, often with a mayonnaise dressing.
coleus any of various African or Eurasian plants of the mint family, grown for their attractive multicolored leaves.
colewort see "cole." [2 definitions]
colic acute abdominal pain, esp. that in infants, caused by intestinal gas.
coliform of, pertaining to, or resembling the coliform bacillus.
coliform bacillus any of several bacilli normally found in human and animal colons, the count of which in water is used to determine the presence or extent of fecal pollution.
coliseum a large building or amphitheater used for entertainment events, sports, or the like.
colitis inflammation of the large intestine.
Coll. abbreviation of "College," a school or institution of higher learning, usu. providing education in general studies or liberal arts (used in a proper name).