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Colombian of or pertaining to Colombia or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
Colombo the seaport capital of Sri Lanka.
colon1 a punctuation mark (:) indicating that what follows is a series, example, summation, elaboration, or the like. [2 definitions]
colon2 in anatomy, the segment of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum.
colon3 the chief monetary unit of Costa Rica and El Salvador, equaling one hundred centimos in Costa Rica and one hundred centavos in El Salvador.
colonel in the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marines, a rank above lieutenant colonel and below brigadier general.
colonial of or pertaining to a colony or colonies. [5 definitions]
colonialism the policy or practices of a nation extending or maintaining control over previously independent territories.
colonic of, pertaining to, or affecting the colon. [2 definitions]
colonist an inhabitant or member of a colony. [2 definitions]
colonization the act or process of forming colonies.
colonize to establish or form a colony on; settle. [3 definitions]
colonnade in architecture, a series of evenly spaced columns supporting an entablature or roof.
colonoscopy examination of the colon with a flexible, fiber-optic instrument inserted into the rectum.
colony a territory governed by a distant country, often occupied by numbers of citizens of that country. [2 definitions]
colony collapse disorder an event in which all or most of the worker bees of a hive disappear, leaving in the hive the queen,the immature bees, some adult bees to care for the immature bees, and the honey.
colophon a publisher's emblem or trademark, which appears usu. on the title page of a book.
color the visible aspect of an object, other than form or size, that depends on the hue, chroma, or brightness of light that it reflects or emits. [12 definitions]
colorable able to be colored. [2 definitions]
Colorado a western U.S. state bordered by Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, and Utah. (abbr.: CO) [2 definitions]
colorado of cigars, medium in strength and color.