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confectionery confections or candies collectively. [3 definitions]
confederacy an alliance or union of persons, groups, states, or nations. [3 definitions]
confederate joined or united in a confederacy; allied. [6 definitions]
confederation the act or process of confederating or allying. [3 definitions]
confer to award or bestow. [2 definitions]
conferee one who participates in a conference. [2 definitions]
conference an organized meeting of persons with common interests, esp. professional interests, for the purpose of sharing information and opinions. [3 definitions]
conference call a telephone conversation or discussion in which three or more people participate at the same time.
conference committee in the U.S. Congress, a temporary panel assembled from members of both the Senate and House of Representatives to resolve differences between two versions of a particular bill and create a compromise version.
conference table a table large enough to accommodate the participants in a conference.
confess to reveal, admit, or concede as true, esp. something self-incriminating. [6 definitions]
confessable combined form of confess.
confessedly by admission; avowedly.
confession the act of confessing; admission; avowal. [4 definitions]
confessional of, pertaining to, or similar to a confession. [2 definitions]
confessor one who makes a confession. [3 definitions]
confetti (used with a sing. verb) small pieces of colored paper thrown into the air on festive occasions.
confidant one to whom a secret or secrets are trusted or confided.
confide to disclose secrets or confidences trustfully (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
confidence a sense of assurance, faith, or trust in a person or thing. [4 definitions]
confidence game any swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim; con game; con.