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conflagration a large, damaging fire.
conflate to combine (two or more things) into one; fuse; meld.
conflict to be in strong opposition or disagreement; differ. [6 definitions]
conflicted having feelings about something that contradict one another, often making it difficult to make a decision.
conflicting being in opposition to one another.
conflict of interest a conflict or potential conflict between one of a person's interests or commitments and another, esp. between a public official's private financial interest and his or her public obligations.
confluence a joining or convergence of two or more streams, or their point of junction. [3 definitions]
conflux a confluence; joining; gathering.
conform to be or act in accordance or compliance with an established standard or norm. [4 definitions]
conformable in conformance or harmony; similar; corresponding. [2 definitions]
conformal of, pertaining to, or designating a map, or other depiction of one surface on another, that retains the same angles between all intersecting curves.
conformance the act or state of conforming; conformity.
conformation structure or configuration; form. [4 definitions]
conformist one who tends to act in accordance or compliance with established standards or norms. [2 definitions]
conformity accordance or compliance with a standard or norm. [2 definitions]
confound to perplex or bewilder; confuse. [6 definitions]
confounded confused; bewildered; befuddled. [2 definitions]
confraternity a lay brotherhood that pursues religious or charitable goals. [2 definitions]
confrere a fellow member of a profession, fraternity, or the like.
confront to meet or face without evasion or avoidance. [3 definitions]
confrontation the act of confronting, or the state of being confronted by another. [2 definitions]