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conformity accordance or compliance with a standard or norm. [2 definitions]
confound to perplex or bewilder; confuse. [6 definitions]
confounded confused; bewildered; befuddled. [2 definitions]
confraternity a lay brotherhood that pursues religious or charitable goals. [2 definitions]
confrere a fellow member of a profession, fraternity, or the like.
confront to meet or face without evasion or avoidance. [3 definitions]
confrontation the act of confronting, or the state of being confronted by another. [2 definitions]
Confucianism the ethical teachings of Confucius, which emphasize reverence for ancestors, devotion to family and friends, cultivation and discipline of the mind, and social responsibility.
Confucius a Chinese philosopher whose ethical teachings were introduced into Chinese religion; K'ung Fu-tzu (551?-479? B.C.).
confuse to combine in a disordered, unclear way; fail to distinguish between or among. [3 definitions]
confused having difficulty perceiving or understanding because of conflicting or otherwise incomprehensible information; perplexed; puzzled.
confusing consisting of conflicting facts or incomprehensible information and thereby causing perplexity or misunderstanding; bewildering; misleading.
confusion the act of confusing or state of being confused. [4 definitions]
confute to refute or prove incorrect; disprove.
conga a Latin American dance performed by a group that forms a long line in single file behind a leader. [4 definitions]
con game shortened form of "confidence game," a swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim.
congé a farewell or departure. [4 definitions]
congeal of a fluid or soft substance, to thicken or make solid, esp. by cooling or freezing. [2 definitions]
congener one of the same kind as another. [2 definitions]
congenial suited to or compatible with one's tastes or character, and therefore pleasing. [2 definitions]
congenital existing from birth, but usu. not hereditary. [2 definitions]