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conqueror one who gains victory.
conquest the act or process of conquering. [3 definitions]
conquistador one of the Spanish conquerors of the Americas in the sixteenth century.
consanguineous having a blood relationship; descended from the same ancestors.
conscience the human faculty that enables one to decide between right and wrong conduct, esp. in regard to one's own actions. [2 definitions]
conscienceless combined form of conscience.
conscience money money paid, sometimes anonymously, by one who hopes to atone for previous wrongdoing, in order to relieve the conscience.
conscientious done in accordance with one's conscience; principled. [2 definitions]
conscientious objector a person who refuses, for moral or religious reasons, to participate in military service or to engage in warfare.
conscious aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. [3 definitions]
consciousness the state or quality of being conscious or aware. [3 definitions]
consciousness-raising in group therapy, a process of increasing one's self-knowledge so as to better achieve one's potential. [2 definitions]
conscript to enroll by force of law in military service; draft. [3 definitions]
conscription compulsory enrollment in military service.
consecrate to dedicate to the service or worship of a deity; make or declare sacred. [3 definitions]
consecutive following one after another without interruption; in unbroken order. [2 definitions]
consensual caused or done by consent, esp. mutual consent. [2 definitions]
consensus general agreement in opinions, values, preferences, or the like. [2 definitions]
consent to give agreement, approval, or permission (often fol. by "to"). [3 definitions]
consequence that which follows; result. [3 definitions]
consequent following as a consequence or result. [3 definitions]