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contraction an act of contracting. [3 definitions]
contractor one who agrees by contract to do specified work at a certain price and to supply all necessary materials. [2 definitions]
contractual of, relating to, or specified in a contract.
contra dance a folk dance, similar to the quadrille, in which dancers often form lines and face each other. [2 definitions]
contradict to assert the opposite of; deny the truth of. [4 definitions]
contradictable combined form of contradict.
contradiction the act of contradicting, or the state of being in denial of or in complete disagreement with something else. [4 definitions]
contradictory involving, containing, or being a contradiction; inconsistent; contrary. [3 definitions]
contradistinction distinction by contrast or difference.
contrail a visible trail of moisture condensed into water drops or ice crystals, formed in the wake of a high-flying plane or rocket; vapor trail.
contraindicate in medicine, to indicate that (a particular medicine or treatment) should not be used.
contraindication in medicine, a factor or condition that makes it inadvisable to carry out a particular treatment or procedure.
contralateral in anatomy, pertaining to or coordinated with the opposite side of the body.
contralto the lowest female singing voice, between alto and tenor. [3 definitions]
contraption (informal) a mechanical device, sometimes of odd design or construction; gadget.
contrapuntal of, relating to, or having two or more diverse but harmonious melodies that are played at the same time; of counterpoint.
contrariety the quality or condition of being contrary. [2 definitions]
contrariwise in the opposite way or direction. [2 definitions]
contrary totally different; opposite. [6 definitions]
contrast to compare (two people or things) in order to make their differences clear. [7 definitions]
contrastable combined form of contrast.