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cote a small shelter, esp. one built for birds or animals.
Cote d'Ivoire a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Ghana and Liberia.
cotenant one of two or more persons who own or occupy common property.
coterie a small, exclusive group of friends or associates with similar interest or activities; clique.
coterminous having the same border or end point, or covering the same area.
cotillion any of several dances, such as the quadrille. [2 definitions]
cotransport combined form of transport.
cotrustee combined form of trustee.
cottage a small or modest detached home, usu. for one family. [2 definitions]
cottage cheese a soft white mild-flavored cheese made of slightly soured skim-milk curds.
cottage industry a small-scale industry in which products are made, created, or assembled in the workers' homes rather than in factories or offices. [2 definitions]
cottage pudding a dessert consisting of a simple cake covered with a sweet sauce, as of fruit.
cottager a person who lives in or spends vacations in a cottage.
cotter a metal fastener, such as a pin, bolt, or wedge, that is fitted in a slot. [2 definitions]
cotterless combined form of cotter.
cotter pin a split pin with ends that can be spread apart to fasten it in place after it is inserted through a slot or hole.
cotton a plant that produces soft, white fibers used in making a variety of textile products. [6 definitions]
cotton batting batting made of cotton.
cotton candy a candy consisting of melted sugar spun into a fluffy mass around a stick or paper cone.
cotton flannel a soft, napped fabric made of cotton.
cotton gin a machine that separates cotton fibers from the seeds and their hulls.