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counterreaction combined form of reaction.
counterreform combined form of reform.
Counter Reformation an aggressive campaign by the Roman Catholic Church in the sixteenth century that was aimed at countering the effects in Europe of the Protestant Reformation.
counterreformer combined form of reformer.
counterresponse combined form of response.
counterretaliation combined form of retaliation.
counterrevolution a political movement or action that seeks to defeat a successful or attempted revolution.
counterrevolutionary a person who takes part in a counterrevolution. [2 definitions]
counterscientific combined form of scientific.
countershaft an intermediate shaft that transmits motion from a motor to a machine driven by it; jackshaft.
countersign a password or secret signal used to identify an ally. [4 definitions]
countersink to enlarge the top portion of (a hole) so that the inserted head of a bolt, screw, or the like does not protrude above the surface. [4 definitions]
countersniper combined form of sniper.
counterspy someone who engages in counterespionage, esp. one who spies upon enemy spies.
counterstatement combined form of statement.
counterstep combined form of step.
counterstrategist combined form of strategist.
counterstrategy combined form of strategy.
counterstream combined form of stream.
counterstrike combined form of strike.
counterstroke combined form of stroke.