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cow1 an adult female of a bovine animal, esp. the domestic farm animal kept or raised for its milk or meat. [2 definitions]
cow2 to scare or intimidate with threats, violence, or the like.
coward a person who lacks the courage to face danger, pain, or difficulty; a person easily discouraged or intimidated by fear. [2 definitions]
cowardice lack of bravery or resolve in the face of danger, pain, or other difficulties.
cowardly of or like a coward. [3 definitions]
cowbell a bell hung around the neck of a cow to make known where it is.
cowberry a low creeping evergreen with white or pink flowers and edible, acid red berries.
cowbird a North American member of the blackbird family, usu. with a brownish head, often found with herds of cattle.
cowboy a mounted cattle herdsman employed by ranches of the western United States. [3 definitions]
cowcatcher a strong metal frame on the front of a locomotive that removes obstacles from the track.
cower to crouch or cringe in fear.
cowfish a small, brightly-colored fish covered with bony plates and having a spike over each eye, found in tropical waters. [2 definitions]
cowgirl a young woman hired to herd and tend cattle, usu. on horseback, in the western United States. [2 definitions]
cowhand a cattle ranch employee; cowboy or cowgirl.
cowherd a person who tends cattle.
cowhide the skin and hair of a cow or leather made from the skin. [3 definitions]
cowinner combined form of winner.
cow killer a large antlike wasp, the female of which has a powerful sting, found in the southern and eastern United States.
cowl a hood or hooded robe, often worn by monks. [6 definitions]
cowlick a small, protruding section of hair that grows in a whorl or at a different angle than the rest.
cowling the removable metal housing of an aircraft engine, often designed as part of the fuselage.