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creepage a gradual movement as of soil, rock, or glaciers.
creeper a person, animal, or thing that creeps. [6 definitions]
creep out (informal) to cause (someone) to feel uneasy or a bit frightened; give (someone) the creeps.
creep up on to silently approach from behind or in such as way as to surprise.
creepy of or causing a feeling of anxiety, fear, or revulsion similar to that which might be produced by something creeping on one's skin. [3 definitions]
creese variant of kris.
cremate to burn to ashes (esp. a human corpse in a funeral).
cremation the act or process of cremating.
crematorium a furnace for burning to ashes human remains, or the building in which such cremation occurs; crematory.
crematory a furnace for cremating, or the building in which cremation occurs. [2 definitions]
crème cream. [2 definitions]
crème brûlée (French) a rich egg custard with a topping of caramelized sugar.
crème de cacao a sweet, chocolate-flavored liqueur.
crème de la crème cream of the cream (French); the very best.
crème de menthe a sweet, mint-flavored liqueur, usu. green or colorless.
crenate having a scalloped or notched border, as some leaves.
crenel any of the openings or indentations between the solid parts of a wall or battlement. [2 definitions]
crenelate to provide crenels in (a tower or battlement). [2 definitions]
crenellated having notches or indentations, usu. regularly spaced, as in the battlement of a fortress.
crenellation the act of crenelating or state of being crenelated. [2 definitions]
Creole a person of European descent, esp. French or Spanish, born in Central or South America, the West Indies, or the United States Gulf region. [6 definitions]