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crème de la crème cream of the cream (French); the very best.
crème de menthe a sweet, mint-flavored liqueur, usu. green or colorless.
crenate having a scalloped or notched border, as some leaves.
crenel any of the openings or indentations between the solid parts of a wall or battlement. [2 definitions]
crenelate to provide crenels in (a tower or battlement). [2 definitions]
crenellated having notches or indentations, usu. regularly spaced, as in the battlement of a fortress.
crenellation the act of crenelating or state of being crenelated. [2 definitions]
Creole a person of European descent, esp. French or Spanish, born in Central or South America, the West Indies, or the United States Gulf region. [6 definitions]
creosol a colorless or yellowish oily liquid, derived from beechwood tar, used as an antiseptic and found in creosote.
creosote an oily liquid commercially distilled from coal tar or wood for use as a wood preservative and antiseptic, and produced as a waste product in chimneys from the burning of wood as fuel. [2 definitions]
creosote bush an evergreen, resinous shrub of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, having a strong odor similar to that of creosote.
crepe a thin fabric with a wrinkled or ridged surface. [5 definitions]
crepe paper thin, crinkled paper textured like crepe, esp. used to decorate; crepe.
crepe rubber soft or synthetic rubber of a crinkled texture, esp. used for shoe soles.
crêpe suzette a very thin dessert pancake, often rolled in a tangy fruit sauce and usu. served in flaming liqueur.
crepitate to make repeated crackling sounds; crackle.
crept past tense and past participle of creep.
crepuscular of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dusky. [2 definitions]
crescendo a gradual increase in loudness, force, or intensity, esp. of a musical passage, or the peak of such an increase. (Cf. decrescendo.) [5 definitions]
crescent the shape of the moon as it appears in its first or last quarter, an arc tapering to a point at either end. [5 definitions]
cresol any of three caustic, poisonous compounds used in making disinfectants, dyes, and other products.