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criticize to judge with regard to flaws and strengths. [4 definitions]
critique a written critical review of or commentary on a work, esp. of art, literature, or the like. [3 definitions]
critter (informal) a living creature, especially an animal that lives in the wild.
croak to make a low, hoarse sound with the voice, like that of a frog. [4 definitions]
croaker a person, animal, or thing that croaks. [2 definitions]
croaky of a sound, low and hoarse.
Croat a native or citizen of Croatia, or a descendant thereof.
Croatia since 1992, a Balkan republic bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina; formerly part of Yugoslavia.
Croatian of or pertaining to Croatia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
crochet needlework made with a hooked needle that draws the thread in a pattern of intertwined loops. [2 definitions]
crock an earthenware container, esp. a pot or jar. [2 definitions]
crocked (slang) drunk.
crockery earthenware dishes and pots collectively.
Crock-Pot trademark for an electric slow cooker that maintains a steady low temperature.
crocodile any of various large reptiles found in tropical swamps, with a thick, tough skin, a long tail, and a pointed snout. [2 definitions]
crocodile tears a hypocritical display of grief; insincere tears.
crocodilian any reptile such as or resembling the alligator, caiman, and crocodile.
crocus any of several small plants, related to the iris, that grow from a bulb and bloom in early spring with a single colorful flower.
croft (chiefly British) a small farm, especially one in Scotland, that is rented by a tenant and is composed of a plot of agricultural land and an adjoining dwelling. [2 definitions]
croissant a roll in the shape of a crescent, made of leavened dough or puff pastry.
Croix de Guerre a French military decoration for bravery in wartime action.