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curare a resinous extract of certain South American plants, used as an arrow poison or as a drug for relaxing muscles. [2 definitions]
curate a parish priest. [2 definitions]
curative capable of curing illness or disease. [2 definitions]
curator one who oversees the activities and tends the collections of a museum, library, or the like.
curb a usu. raised border of concrete, stone, or brick along the outer edge of a paved street or sidewalk. [4 definitions]
curbing the material used to make a street curb. [2 definitions]
curb roof a roof with two or more slopes on each side, as a gambrel or mansard roof.
curbstone the stone or stones used to form a curb.
curculio any of several weevils that consume fruits and vegetables.
curd (sometimes pl.) a soft, diffuse solid obtained from milk that can be eaten or made into cheese. [3 definitions]
curdle to turn into curd; coagulate.
curé in France, a parish priest.
cure a substance or course of treatment that leads to the restoration of health after a disease, disability, or other undesirable condition. [7 definitions]
cure-all a remedy for all ailments or evils; panacea.
curettage the surgical procedure of curetting.
curette a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop or loop and used for scraping a cavity of the body, esp. the uterus, in order to remove dead or unwanted tissue. [2 definitions]
curfew a rule or law that establishes a time after which everyone, or everyone of a particular class or group, must be off the street and inside for the night. [2 definitions]
curia (often cap.) the collection of officials who direct the overall government of the Roman Catholic Church; papal court. [2 definitions]
curie a unit of radioactivity equal to 3.7 times 1010 disintegrations per second.
curio any object, such as a piece of art, that is desired or significant only as a curiosity or novelty.
curiosity the desire to learn or know. [2 definitions]