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D in Roman numeral notation, 500.
D. abbreviation of "Democrat."
d the fourth letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
d. abbreviation of "died."
D.A. abbreviation of "District Attorney," the government prosecutor of criminal cases for a specified judicial district.
dab1 to pat or press lightly, as with a sponge or cotton swab. [6 definitions]
dab2 any of several flatfishes, similar to flounders.
dabble to wet by splashing or dipping. [4 definitions]
dabchick any of various small diving birds belonging to the grebe family.
da capo from the beginning; D.C. (used in music as a direction to repeat a passage).
Dacca the capital of Bangladesh.
dace any of various small freshwater fishes, similar to minnows.
dacha in Russia, a country house.
dachshund one of a German breed of small dogs having long bodies, very short legs, and drooping ears.
Dacron trademark for a synthetic, wrinkle-resistant polyester fiber or fabric.
dactyl in prosody, a metrical unit consisting of one accented or long syllable followed by two unaccented or short syllables, as in the words "syllable" and "honesty". [2 definitions]
dactylography the study of fingerprints as a basis for identification.
dad (informal) father.
dada (sometimes cap.) a primarily European literary and artistic period of the early twentieth century characterized by cynicism, anarchy, and a rejection of convention.
daddy (informal) father.
daddy-longlegs (used with a sing. or pl. verb) any of various spiderlike arachnids that have a small, rounded body and extremely long, thin legs; harvestman.