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Dail Eireann the lower house of parliament in the Republic of Ireland.
daily occurring every day; used every day. [4 definitions]
daily double a bet that may be won only by picking both winners in two different races on the same day, as in horse racing.
daily dozen (informal) a set of twelve or more calisthenic exercises that are performed daily.
daimon variant of daemon.
dainty small and delicate. [4 definitions]
daiquiri a cocktail made of rum, lime juice, and sugar.
dairy a place of business or a building where milk is stored and milk products such as butter and cheese are made. [4 definitions]
dairy case a large, refrigerated container used for holding and displaying dairy products in a store.
dairy cattle cows that are raised for their milk rather than their meat.
dairying the business of a dairy.
dairymaid a female worker on a dairy farm, esp. one who milks the cows; milkmaid.
dairyman a male owner, manager, or employee of a dairy.
dairy product a type of food made from the milk of certain mammals, primarily that of cows, goats, and sheep.
dairywoman a female owner, manager, or employee of a dairy.
dais a raised platform, esp. at one end of a meeting hall, for speakers or persons being honored.
daisy any of various plants having flowers with yellow centers and white rayed petals. [3 definitions]
Dakar the seaport capital of Senegal.
Dakota (pl.) North and South Dakota (usu. prec. by "the"). [3 definitions]
dal a thick, spiced sauce made with lentils, split peas, or the like, served in Indian cuisine. Dal is usually served over rice or with soft, flat bread as a main part of a meal.
Dalai Lama traditionally, the high priest of Tibetan Buddhism. (See also Gyatso, Tenzin.)